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Feb 24, 2022

Jennifer Zuba, former national level fitness competitor with titles including Fitness America South Beach and New England, 20 year veteran as a fitness professional, athlete, dancer, and runner. Performance and health coach. Jen's mission is to help guide people into a fitness and healthy lifestyle that is truly sustainable. Including helping to rewire any dysfunctional thoughts or habits that the fitness industry has reinforced, and to help clients realize that fitness is a feeling and not a look. Jen has been published in 5 Oxygen Magazines, Bump to Baby Magazine, and Hampton Beach Guide. Jen has been a guest trainer at a Whole Foods/Vega convention, to the UNH D1 Women’s Hockey Team, has trained divisions of the US Navy, local police, and fire departments, and was pivotal in local High School football undefeated seasons.

NASM-CPT, NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM-Special Populations Specialist, NASM-Fitness Nutrition Specialist, IHP- Functional Training Specialist, and NASM Behavioral Change Specialist. 

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