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Oct 27, 2021

After being diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury in 1981, DeLynn Cooley went on to receive an associate of applied science in respiratory therapy and nursing. She worked as a respiratory therapist for approximately three years and a nurse for eighteen years; currently working in an assisted living facility. She has owned multiple businesses and an entrepreneur.

While she was pushing forward, she often found herself living in the rearview mirror. But one day she realized she needed to put that water back under the bridge, so she started a journey of healing. After healing, she begun another journey: writing this book. She wrote this book to help others wake up, stop being victimized by their past, and start living an abundant life in the moment. During the journey, she received the Coach’s Award at Author Advantage Live 2019 for her resilience through life’s storms.

She enjoys going on adventures with her family in the Big Horn Mountains or at Lake DeSmet, doing genealogy work, and traveling. She has a huge heart and loves to serve others.

She hopes her readers will learn not to get stuck in the past, embrace their unique self, and let their divine sparkle shine.

You can get her book on: